Hey there! My name is Finn and currently I am studying photography in fifth semester at Design Academy Berlin. In college I learn a lot about different types of art and design. In this way I've increasingly found out that my true passion is documentary photography. I realized that this kind of photography allows me to learn about life in its various fascinations and to share my findings  with other people. I think a lot about how I see life and in wich way I want to portray it.

There are so many cruel, wonderful and exciting stories on earth. Please contact me if there is a story you want me to tell!

Why black and white ?

I think that black and white photography allows us to look at things in a different way. By losing color we discover new shapes and structures. The essence of things becomes visible.






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Finn Grande

Stock 14 , Wohnung 07,

Lichtenberger-Straße 41,

10243 Berlin

+49 151 18640099


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